Describe a website you like to visit a lot

The name of the website and how often you visit it

What the website is for/about

What you do/look at on the website

And explain why you like it.




Part2 DEMO 1



Part2 DEMO 1

This is the era of creativity. Internet plays a major role today in developing and publishing the young artists. I frequently visit a website, www.pinterest.com.

Basically, Pinterest is a creative platform where the user can both share and learn new things. I can say that I’m one dedicated user. I use it almost everyday or minimum once a day to surf for new ideas and activities. The website is a creative hack. It contains ideas for almost everything that you can possibly name. from wall decors and housing, clothes and accessories, art and craft to food and beverages, anything that one wishes to indulge in, this is the perfect place. The website is full of new ventures, projects, creative solution, re-usage of things, do It yourself, fun facts, etc. the user can browse through a range of ideas as well as create their own boards displaying their ideas and work.

It provides an outstanding ground for the budding artists and art enthusiasts. It is useful for people of any age group due to the range of genres it offers. I use this website to do lot of do It yourself projects. I make use of my old stuff and make a better product out of them. It has developed my creative skills and also helped me to save lot of money.

This website provides opportunities to the newbies in acquiring jobs and exploring their creative side. I will surely recommend it to my family and friends.