Describe a time you were bored

You should say

When was it?

Where was it?

What did you do to alleviate your boredom?

And explain why you were so bored.


Part2 DEMO 1

Today I am going to recount a day in which I was quite bored. In fact, this happened last week.

I was lounging around on my bed, not knowing what to do as I had just finished reading the entire Percy Jackson series in the past 3 days, it had kept me nicely occupied. Now, however, I did not have the energy to start a new book series or movie. I did not have any chores left either; my bed was made, the clothes were washed, the bookshelf dusted, and the dishes were done. Indeed, I was at liberty to do anything; Anything except leave the house that is. It funny, how when going outside was legal, all I wanted to do was stay indoors, and now, after hardly two weeks of staying indoors, all I could think of is going outside. I was waiting desperately for corona-virus lock-down end date.

Later on, I even tried to chase away this feeling of disinterest by watching YouTube, figuring that was the best way to procrastinate and waste away my time. As it turns out, the awareness of not actually procrastinating lured the thrill of even YouTube comedy away, it too, became dull. Now I was truly stumped. What was I to do?

Just then my mother walked into the room. I found just what I wanted to do. I would take up my favourite childhood pastime, annoying my darling mum. And thus, I began asking my mum random questions, nonsense questions, questions even god himself would ponder over. She humoured me and gave equally illogical answers. This was our favourite game, invented a long time ago, when I was learning to explore the world. Our game soon evolved into a serious conversation, speculation and debate. This time, we concluded that the purpose of human life was to create, for creation is fun, stagnation is frustration. Like how the creation of new ideas, novel projects give thrills; and how tedious, repetitive tasks, are akin to torture.

Indeed, I found this revelation to be a very fitting note to end upon, in the face of the boredom I had in the day. I had been bored, because I was doing nothing new, it was all mundane.


Part2 DEMO 2

In today’s world, people are so busy that they hardly get time to get bored, but there was a time when I felt really bored and had nothing to do. It was during the summer of 2020, when there was lockdown all over the world and everyone was quarantined in their houses. This time was not only boring and difficult for me but for everyone around the world. We had no idea what we were supposed to do, everyone was on house arrest. I was at my home with my parents and as I have no siblings, this period seemed more colourless. Initially, I was happy that I’ve got a leave from college and I relaxed for days but slowly this was getting boring. I had to go through the same monotonous schedule each day and there was nothing new. We could not move out, we could not invite people at home. All I was doing was getting up, eating, sometimes watching TV and sleeping again. Life seemed insipid. Finally I decided that I needed to overcome this boredom and do something productive, hence I started watching YouTube tutorials where I learnt how to cook. I used to cook one-time meal for everyone daily and I always tried my hands on some new dish. I brought a massive change in my schedule. I started learning glass painting, I learnt how to use oil paints and made a lot of paintings. Apart from that I also did online educational courses to enhance my skills. Now I believe that each one of us has the potential to be productive, it is just the right motivation and self-determination that we need within ourselves.

What can people do when they feel bored?

There are a lot of things that people can do when they are bored. They can draw, they can cook their favourite dishes, they can watch a good movie, listen to some nice music or even exercise. People should always try to do something new and different from their usual schedule.

Do people get bored about daily routines?

I believe Yes, it is the main reason for boredom. If we follow a similar routine daily, we tend to get bored. Humans always need a change in their lifestyle which helps them to refresh and be even more productive than before. That is the reason why we go for vacations and get leaves at weekends, as it helps to keep the mind calm and lightens up our mood.