Describe a practical skill you have learned

what this skill is

when you learned it

how you learned it

and explain how this skill is useful to you.




Part2 DEMO 1
Part2 DEMO 2



Part2 DEMO 1

In my country, buying a car isn’t exactly a big deal, but driving a car is. It sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? Well, if it does, then the reason for this is, it is extremely difficult to obtain a driving license in my country as it involves some rigorous driving and road test. So, when I finally managed to pass the driving test a year ago or so, I felt like, I had landed on the moon.

But, I didn’t really feel the same about driving a car until I ran into a job interview where I was asked whether I had a driving license or not, as the job involved driving to some “high-end” clients once in a while. However, I didn’t get that job for whatever reasons that might have been, but it was after that job interview, I decided to learn to drive a car. So, I went to a local car driving school and started to take driving lessons mostly during the weekend. Initially, the lessons involved learning about different parts of a car and their functions. Then came the actual driving lessons on the road by understanding and following different road signs and driving rules. Needless to say, the lessons followed some stringent driving standards which weren’t always easy to maintain, but that was exactly the real “test” in order to help a future driver understand the safety and security aspects of taking a car on the roads.  Anyway, the lessons had continued for almost three months, and I was finally ready to take an official driving test to obtain a driver’s license.

Anyway, I am glad that I had finally learned driving as it has allowed me the freedom to travel to my work and other places at my own pace and according to my schedules. Besides, learning this driving skill has also made me confident about applying for some “good paying” field jobs that require “driving”. Finally, learning how to drive has also allowed me to transport many bulky items in my car, which otherwise would have been really inconvenient for me if I was to carry them in public transportations.

Part2 DEMO 2


1 . Decision making plays a significant role in everyone’s life. We all have to take some important decisions at some crucial junctures of life.

2 . Till now, most of the decisions I have taken, have proven quite beneficial for me touch wood.

3 . One such decision was to join an English speaking course to brush up my communication skills.


After completing my schooling, I decided to take coaching to polish my English speaking skills and I must say that the decision brought rich dividends for me.


1 .English is highly recognized language across the world. It’s important to be well versed with this language in order to survive in this highly competitive world.

2 . Moreover, it can open the doors of opportunities for anyone as lots of MNC’s around the world prefer professionals with strong communication skills. Therefore, knowledge of English is must in present scenario.

3 . To add it, since the time I started learning English, I have seen some very positive changes in my personality. There has been a complete transformation in the way I think and speak how. Earlier I used to be quite shy, timid, introvert and little under confident.  But knowledge of English has altered my attitude drastically.  Now I am very confident and quite positive about myself.

4 . On top of it, I have started enjoying every moment of life and the credit must be given to English.

In the end, I can say that to learn English was indeed a positive decision taken by me.  It has for sure given me a slight edge over others irrefutably/ implicitly.