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Every year billions of dollars are spent on advertising. Manyapproaches are used topersuade consumers to buy a product. Some seem to workbetter than others.
One approach, for example, is to try to make the reader or vieweridentify with the peopleshown using the product. These people seem to beglamorous, loved, successful, elite, clever,or sexy. Supposedly, anyone whouses the product can expect the same reward. Anotherapproach is to let theproduct speak for itself; people are attracted to scrumptious food,beautifulclothing, and sleek new cars. Sometimes good prices and special deals are thefocus.Ads for complicated products, such as computers, may provide a lot ofinformation.Endorsements by celebrities are especially common.
In general, many of the ads succeed. People do tend to buy what theysee advertised.
However, some advertising can backfire. People may be offended,for example, by ads that areoverly sexy or ones that viciously orsarcastically attack competitors' products.
Advertising can be a useful aid for the consumer. It helps a personlearn what is new or instyle or handy to have around, what things cost, andwhere to buy them. To use thisinformation effectively, however, a person mustlearn to look past the emotional appeals andfind the facts


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People can go to shop, bank and work with computer. But the dangerof the computer ispeople are getting isolated and losing some social skills.To what extent do you agree with thisopinion?
The progression of computer is inevitable and undeniable. Nowadays computers alsohavebecome a part of our daily life. Instead of leaving home to go to shopbank and work peoplecan do these at home by clicking the buttons. However,some people hold the opinion that itwill cause people isolated from each otherand lose social skills. Personally I find it hard for meto agree with thisopinion by following reasons。
In thefirst instance, computers are tool to communication with people instead ofisolationfrom the world. When we say a person is isolated it means that he islonely and cut off theworld. However, people seldom have this feeling whilethey are surfing the Internet. On thecontrary, people tend to make morefriends through the net.
Secondly,people also can acquire social skills on Internet. Communication on Internethasthe same purpose as face-to-face communication has. For example, throughInternet we cansend greeting cards to our friends. Furthermore, sometimes itmight be a better way of communication on some occasions such as when you findit embarrassing to say sorry face-to-face we can send a message of apology toyour friend.
Last butnot least, doing something through Internet actually spares more time for oursocial life. Sometime we need to spend a lot of time shopping in departmentstores. Nowwe can save the time and may visit our friends.
Ingeneral, computer just make our life more colorful so we don't need toworry about thechanges its may bring to us. Especially most of these changesare positive.
2024-03-31 14:56:35


The discussion about whether or not smoking should be allowed is avery controversal one.There are people on both sides of the argument who havevery strong feelings.
Some people believe that smoking should be allowed. First of all,smoling makes socializing easier. For example, many rich and famous people liketo smoke, because they thinksmoking can relax themselves from the heavypressure and it is a symbol of success. If you cansmoke, you might makefriends with those people much easier than those who do not smoke.Secondly,smoking is a custom going back hundreds of years. What is more, smoking isanimportant source of tax revenue.
Some people on the other side, however, disagreed with smoking. Tobegin with, theythought that smoking is harmful to one's health and it cancause a lot of problems such asheart disease, bronchial trouble or even lungcancer. Once people became infected by all theseterrible diseases, they wouldcause lots of time and money to cure them. And if the dieaseswere deadly, theymight even got away people's lives. Moreover, smoking is a dirty and expensivehabit. And finally of course, people can became addicted to smoking easily. Allin all,these people think that smoking is a bad habit and it should not beallowed.
In my opinion, smoking should be banned in certain public placessuch as schools, hospitals, buses and so on. Only in this way can we controlsmoking and make a better worldfor ourselves.


2024-03-30 15:42:09


It is true that our tiny individual actions often seem insignificantcompared to the scale andcomplexity of global environmental problems such aspollution, deforestation and depletion ofnatural resources. But that does notrelieve our duty as individuals to do as much as we can todeal with theseproblems.
Individual actions, small as they may be, can prove more effectivethan we realize. We canavoid driving the car, and take public transit, walk,or bicycle instead. This will reduce the use offossil fuels and cut pollution.Saving energy at home, like turning on the air conditioner onlywhen we haveto, or turning water heater down a few degrees, is also ultimately good fortheenvironment. Individual actions can also turn into united powers when, forexample, thewhole neighborhood is mobilized to participate in a local campaignto oppose environmentallydamaging policies.
There are, however, obstacles that stand in the way of individualaction towardsenvironmental conservation. The first obstacle is the lack ofprofessional knowledge needed tocope with serious environmental issues likesoil erosion and salinity, which require a significantamount of investigationand research. Another obstacle which makes individual action almostimpossibleis when an environmental emergency or accident happens, e.g. an oil spill nearthebord der line, which would necessitate government intervention or eveninternationalcoordination.
So, in conclusion, when it comes to environmental problems,individual actions areindispensable in the problem solving process. But themost pressing and complicated problemsgo far beyond an individual's capabilityand so require the concerted effort of thegovernment as well as the globalcommunity.


2024-01-22 11:28:18


Nowadays, many people think that the government should spend more money on public services such as health and education, rather than on the arts such as music and painting.

To some extent, I agree with this opinion. It is true that health and education are two of the most important aspects of a country’s development. A healthy and educated population is essential for a country’s economic growth and social progress. Therefore, it is reasonable for the government to invest more money in these areas.

However, I also believe that the government should not neglect the arts. Music and painting can bring joy and beauty to people’s lives. They can also help to promote cultural exchange and understanding between different countries. Furthermore, the arts can be a source of income for the government, as they can attract tourists and generate revenue.

In conclusion, I believe that the government should invest in both public services and the arts. This will ensure that the country’s citizens are healthy and educated, while also allowing them to enjoy the beauty of the arts.

2024-03-19 11:27:03


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